Group profile

Liaoning forword development group since it was founded in 2007, according to "set a flag, a general maintenance, achieving a" development concept, closely around the "make billions group, building one hundred forword" grand goal, in the group under the correct leadership of the board of directors, forge ahead, strive hard, be in yingkou district real estate development, building materials, road bridge, various industry such as investment guarantee in a body's large-scale comprehensive industrial group. Yijia garden, yihe village and qinghe home have become new landmarks of the real estate industry in daishiqiao city and gaizhou city. The transformation of silt river and the construction of the road in the park have inserted the wings for the regional economic development. Fenghua famous and excellent building materials become the fist products of regional aluminum products; Financial guarantee company provides capital guarantee for small and medium-sized enterprises in yingkou area. At present, the total assets of the group is nearly 2 billion yuan, with more than 2,000 employees, including nearly 200 professional and technical personnel of all kinds, nearly 100 senior professional titles.


For years in A row since 2012, the group revenue exceeds one hundred million yuan, for the social public welfare undertakings invested nearly 20 million yuan, become dashiqiao six star enterprise, the group and the company has been awarded the national worker pioneer, civilized units, yingkou city, liaoning province, "two new organizations" involved in comprehensive administration of social management advanced unit, the yingkou city tax, A grade credit enterprise "the honorary title, was awarded dashiqiao group party committee advanced basic-level party organization such as the honorary title.


Facing the future, fenghua people are willing to work with friends from all walks of life to cooperate sincerely, keep improving and build a beautiful Chinese dream together.


enterprise culture

Corporate philosophy

Set up a banner, maintain a big picture, achieve a goal

Enterprise vision

Build a billion billion group, build a hundred years of fenghua

Core values

Integrity, brave responsibility, unity and cooperation, innovation far

Business goal

Achieve the maximum benefit, cast the fenghua brand, return the society, benefit the staff

Enterprise spirit

All rivers run into the sea

Management policy

Intensive management and standardized management; Fine management and regular implementation; Legalized management and institutionalized supervision

Leadership speech

Time does not stay, season such as flow; String song ceaseless, pass on from generation to generation.


"Fenghua" brand since 2000 in China magnesium capital - liaoning dazhiqiao this black land founded, has gone through 20 years of wind and rain course. Over the past 20 years, fenghua has adhered to the development goal of "building 10 billion group and building 100 years fenghua", adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "setting up a banner, maintaining a general situation and achieving a goal", seizing the development opportunities, accelerating the transformation and upgrading, and forming an industrial pattern with four major sectors as the main business. We integrate resources, internal and external expansion, to create boutique real estate projects; We strengthen management, lengthen the chain, construction of road and bridge quality project; Our technology strong enterprise, the supremacy of credibility, leading the aluminum industry; We innovate the model, develop in diversity, build financial guarantee platform; We get rich thinking source, give back to the society, actively assume social responsibility.


Be grateful for this great time. Twenty years, we harvest the growth of the hardships and the joy of success; Twenty years, we have created the integrity of the brand and achievements of the brilliant.


Customer satisfaction is always the direction we pursue, customer trust and support for us, is the power and source of all our work. Thanksgiving has you, trials and hardships have your hand in hand; Thank you for having you, the waves have you do not abandon.


The wind from the tide, when the sail waves; Xiong guan diffuse road, more need to ride horse whip.


Do not forget the original intention of entrepreneurship, shoulder the mission of The Times. With great dream of fenghua, the great ship of fenghua will set sail. In the new journey of the new era, we will create new achievements together!