group company

Liaoning forword development group since it was founded in 2007, according to "set a flag, a general maintenance, achieving a" development concept, closely around the "make billions group, building one hundred forword" grand goal, in the group under the correct leadership of the board of directors, forge ahead, strive hard, be in yingkou district real estate development, building materials, road bridge, various industry such as investment guarantee in a body's large-scale comprehensive industrial group. Yijia garden, yihe village and qinghe home have become new landmarks of the real estate industry in daishiqiao city and gaizhou city. The transformation of silt river and the construction of the road in the park have inserted the wings for the regional economic development. Fenghua famous and excellent building materials become the fist products of regional aluminum products; Financial guarantee company provides capital guarantee for small and medium-sized enterprises in yingkou area. At present, the total assets of the group is nearly 2 billion yuan, with more than 2,000 employees, including nearly 200 professional and technical personnel of all kinds, nearly 100 senior professional titles.