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Liaoning fenghua development group daoqiao road co. LTD

Liaoning fenghua development group daoqiao road co., ltd. was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 140 million yuan. The company is located in yingkou, liaoning province in the economic development zone, belonging to the liaoning forword development group, the company business scope for subgrade pavement of highway engineering, the construction of small and medium-sized Bridges, along the highway engineering afforestation and facilities construction, urban road engineering, city and road lighting, bridge engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, public squares and greening engineering construction.


The company has grade ii qualification of general contracting for highway construction, grade ii qualification of general contracting for municipal public works, grade iii qualification of general contracting for water conservancy and hydropower projects, and grade iii qualification of professional contracting for urban road lighting. The company has ISO quality, safety, occupational health management system certification. The company has 2 first-class constructors, 15 second-class registered constructors, 2 senior engineers and 10 engineers. The company has the most advanced road construction machinery and measuring instruments in yingkou area, and it is capable of undertaking various projects.


Company since its inception in 2009, has been involved in double blue line road reconstruction project, officer mashan B line of road engineering, a new stable north road and bridge engineering, white lines on the road reconstruction project, the path of peaceful street reconstruction project, the old northern line extension, xihuan (qing river crossing), new construction, state new construction, renovation of Dan was line of bridge engineering (large qinghe northbridge), a large yingkou region such as dandong line road reconstruction project of road and bridge engineering construction; Liaoyang shenying line, jinzhou city water ecological environment comprehensive management and other provincial key projects. The total length of highways has exceeded 200 kilometers, and five Bridges have been built.


Currently, the projects under construction include the water diversion pipeline project of silt river in dashi bridge, the road reconstruction project of rao gai line, the field project construction project of new grain production capacity of dashi bridge in 2016, and the transformation project of huimin community in lusun town, with a total cost of about 100 million yuan.


Development has no peak, the pursuit is endless. Liaoning fenghua development group daoqiao road co., LTD will adhere to the "healthy management, integrity, the courage to open up" business philosophy, constantly improve the level of modern enterprise management, and strive to create a better tomorrow for the company.



ADD:Northwest corner of luhe traffic gang, dazhiqiao city, liaoning province