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Liaoning fenghua nonferrous metals group co. LTD

Liaoning fenghua nonferrous metals group co., LTD is the parent company of liaoning fenghua development group. It is a high-tech private enterprise integrating scientific research, production and trade. The company has 150 employees, 30 professional and technical personnel, with fixed assets of 85 million yuan, the annual production of various iron desulfurizer, steel desulfurization, dephosphorization, desilication agent and so on up to 20,000 tons, achieving sales of nearly 100 million yuan.


Since the establishment of the company 12 years, always adhere to the science and technology pioneer, independent innovation of the enterprise revitalization road. The company has been cooperating with Northeastern University and other colleges and universities for a long time, and has developed a variety of desulfurization, dephosphorization, desilication and other series of products according to the different technical requirements of various iron and steel enterprises. "Fenghua" new generation of magnesium based composite desulfurizer, low cost, high desulfurization efficiency (up to 10ppm), in the country's first, by large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises welcome. At the same time, the company also exports products and technology at home and abroad, has a number of joint ventures with enterprises, committed to desulfurization products, desulfurization technology, desulfurization equipment production one-stop professional services, instead of the same kind of imported equipment.


Reliable product quality, thoughtful after-sales service, good reputation is the purpose of the company, the company's products have obtained iso9001-2000 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification. Enterprise credit grade is "AAA", awarded by the people's government of yingkou city "honor contract and keep reputation" unit, "qiaofeng" trademark was rated as a famous trademark by liaoning province, "fenghua" passivation granule magnesium powder was rated as a famous brand product by yingkou city.