Nonferrous materials

Liaoning fenghua nonferrous metals group co., LTD is a high-tech private enterprise integrating scientific research, production and trade. It is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of desulfurizer for hot metal pretreatment. Annual production of various hot iron desulfurizer, steel desulfurization, dephosphorization, desilication agent up to 20,000 tons. "Fenghua" new generation of magnesium based composite desulfurizer, low cost, high desulfurization efficiency (up to 10ppm), in the country's first, by large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises welcome.

Liaoning fenghua Orient nonferrous metal co., LTD is a comprehensive company which produces aluminum alloy building profile, decorative profile, industrial profile and low oxygen bright copper rod. The main equipment of the company is 5 aluminum extrusion production lines imported from Taiwan, 2 aluminum spraying production lines, 1 wood grain transfer and bridge composite production lines, 2 aluminum smelting furnaces, 1 copper rod melting furnace and 1 continuous casting and rolling production line. According to its application field, the company's products can be divided into architectural aluminum profile and industrial aluminum profile. Architectural aluminum profile is mainly used in various civil and commercial construction fields, while industrial aluminum profile is mainly used in transportation, durable consumption, mechanical equipment and other industrial fields. The low oxygen copper rod produced by the company is the basic raw material for the production of various wires and cables, control cables, high voltage cables, communication cables, etc.