Fenghua adheres to the strategic principle of actively assuming social responsib

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While focusing on its own development, the group earnestly fulfills its social responsibilities, takes the initiative to assume corporate obligations, tries to repay the hometown society, devotes itself to creating honest enterprises and responsible enterprises, and wins a good social reputation for the group.

Actively participate in the construction of hometown. The group invested hundreds of millions of yuan to build and repair the silt river has become a beautiful scenery of the city, and the silt river has withstood the test of the great flood, so that my main city from the invasion of the flood, excellent project quality by the city's people unanimously affirmed. The group invested heavily to build five industrial park highways, which enhanced the urban functions and project carrying capacity, and added wings to the economic take-off of our city. He donated more than 10 million yuan to build xiangyun temple, making contributions to the development of religious and cultural undertakings.

Actively participate in social charity activities. The group donated 1 million yuan to the daishiqiao charity federation, and actively participated in the "wenchuan earthquake" and "August 3" flood donations, financial aid for students in difficulty, help vulnerable groups and other charity activities.

Actively sponsor social welfare activities. The group provided 600,000 yuan to support the work of the Beijing cultural exchange center of daishiqiao city, which played a positive role in promoting and expanding the influence of daishiqiao city. Zhai hongshen, a master of Chinese studies, was invited to our city to make a report on the application of classical Chinese studies. Sponsored and held "fenghua cup" calligraphy, painting and photography art exhibition, "fenghua cup" sino-us basketball competition.